Halloween Safety Tips


I can't wait to go trick or treating with my daughters this year. While they are young I am enjoying every minute of going from home-to-home as we collect candy and run around our neighborhood. These moments go by so quickly and before I know it they will be trick or treating on their own!

Parents with older kids can now have a huge peace of mind on Halloween (and every day during the year) with the location awareness app, Life360. With more than 20 million users, the app is expected to see more than 500,000 downloads in the month leading up to Halloween. The app is free and available for iPhone and Android phones. Life360 enables families to set up a private family channel so all family members can see each other'??s locations at any time, send location check-in requests, view nearby safety threats and send a panic alert if needed.

For families who have children old enough to trick-or-treat alone, Life360 suggests the following tech tips:

  1. Make sure your teen leaves home with a fully charged mobile phone.
  2. Ensure everyone'??s phones have GPS Location Services turned on '?? a mobile location tracking app only works if the GPS function on the phone is working!
  3. Set ground rules with your teen for how often they need to check in. It could be a set amount of time or once they reach a new street. It just takes a second or two for teens to hit the '??check in'? button within the Life360 app to say '??I'??m safe.'? This sends an update to their parents'?? phones with their GPS location, giving parents peace of mind.
  4. Map a trick-or-treat route in advance and use the Life360 map to check for safety points and threats. The Life360 map shows the addresses of all registered sex offenders as well as the location of safety points like police and fire stations.

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