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Do you have a grumpy princess? You know, those girls that love the frillier things in life but still give you that quintessential'tude. Yep, I'm familiar with that and now she can have a line of skincare all her own with the grumpy princess, a "do it myself skincare" for girls.

Created by Tarsia Mah who was inspired by her daughter, Milla, to empower her to have exciting beauty choices to develop a healthy skincare routine early on. For the tween market, this is ideal since products moms use might seem to 'old' for younger girls where they need something that is fun, functional and allows them to learn how to have a healthy skincare routine

The website was also a lot to check out with its menu bar options like 'who me,' 'gimme that,' 'all talk, and 'find me' where you can learn more about this unique brand. Featuring functional and fun skincare products like wipe out (a face and body wash cloth), hurry up (a 2 in 1 shampoo and body wash) and attitude (a face and body lotion) that is all 100% natural - making it easy for girls to create and maintain a fun beauty routine on their own. I really liked the idea of having a simple skincare rountine for girls and these products are extremely functional so that girls can wash their hair and clean their body all with one product! Plus, the smell of the hurry up is amazing thanks to its combination of coconut, mango and passionfruit!

I also love the packaging that includes a little grumpy character in pink, blue or green appealing to the sensibility of a girl this age. They are also made of stone and are completely paper-free! Parents will also love that the line is paraben-free, never tested on animals, and sulfate-free.

A line for the modern girl who can clean herself but wants something that appeals to both her grumpy and princess side as she gets

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