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Gift Idea: Reader's Digest Kids Books

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Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your teen or tween? Sure toys are fun but as kids get older there is nothing better than a book that they can enjoy for hours on end. We recently discovered a fantastic reference book series called the 'I Wish I Knew Books by Reader's Digest Trade Publishing that is both educational and entertaining that gives kids a crash course crash in numerous educational topics. Designed for kids 9-12 years old, the series covers a wide range of topics like grammar, geography, math, science, and history. Not only about facts, the books are easy to read thank to its clever layout as well as fun and humorous facts that will keep kids excited and engaged to want to learn more. Here is more information about some of the books in the series.

I before E (except after c) The Young Readers Edition: Easy, Cool Ways to Remember Facts by Susan Randol. Kids have to memorize a lot of facts and this book is packed with easy-to-use tricks for remembering like how to incorporate sentences such as The Short Man Talks Endlessly. to remember the Earth's Atmosphere - Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere. This book is packed with these incredible gems where kids learn about the Earth covering geography, geology, the weather, the planets, stars, and the sky; Reading and writing covering punctuation and grammar; and history covering ancient and American history.

I Wish I Knew That: Geography: Cool Stuff You Need to Know By James Doyle. In this book, kids can learn more about the world's continents, countries, and capital cities, and marvel at the planet'??s extraordinary physical features in a lighthearted mix of text, diagrams, maps, and amusing illustrations that will captivate children. This book is also packed with hundreds of cool ways to remember the solar system through a fun tour, forest fun facts, chart the world and journey through the ocean floor.

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I Wish I Knew That: Cool Stuff You Need to Know By Steve Martin, Mike Goldsmith, Ph.D., and Marianne Taylor. This fun book is filled with facts to boast a child's general knowledge. It covers science, history, myths, classic literature, math and even the periodic table. Not only for kids, this book is an excellent refresher course for busy adults (like us moms) that want to stay connected to what we learned but don't have tons of time to read lengthy history books. Bonus: the book is a quick read and very engaging.

Write (Or Is That '??Right'??) Every Time: Cool Ways to Improve Your English By Lottie Stride. I really enjoyed this lighthearted, informative guide that makes it really easy and fun for kids to learn all about proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as how to write in the past tense. The book also includesfun ways to tackle the parts of speech, tenses, conjunctions, and clauses, with rule breakers and amusing examples of bad grammar and techniques to learn the rules of spelling whiz as well as how to conquer exclamation points, colons, and hyphens.

Reader's Digest Gift Books for Kids

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