Getting Active with Hershey's Track and Field


Getting outdoors - whether that is taking a walk or gardening - is an incredible way for kids to get exercise. This, according to Olympic medal winner Carl Lewis, allows kids to have fun and take ownership of an activity. At a recent celebration for the 35th Anniversary of the Hershey's Track and Field program, an incentive to help get kids on the right track, teaching lifelong lessons, and having fun every step, leap, jump and throw along the way, I obtained some fun tips on how to stay active with kids in 2012.


Carl noted that, activities where kids take ownership such as a gardening project or cooking is a great way to connect, teach a new skill and get them moving. He also noted that parents should simply "let their kids have fun" and not focus on winning. Adding, "competitive parents are not helping their kids."

One of their major incentives is focusing on outdoor exercise and balanced living, including enjoying active birthday parties. To throw a RUN, JUMP, THROW Birthday Party party, Hershey's suggests games that incorporate a lot of movement such as Capture the Birthday Hat, Jump Rope Boogie, Balloon Blast, Musical Chairs, Freeze Dance, Simon Says, Treasure Hunt, Hide and Seek (among others) that can also be enjoyed everyday and year round.

During the event, there was also a discussion of balance, which Carl agreed can include the occasional treat when you eat healthy and stay active. Carl left us with a simple thought: "You're train as left the station; it's now your kids turn to have fun, explore and find their passion."

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