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Get More Sleep with the ZAZOO Photo Clock


My daughter's are early risers where 6:oo am is the norm. It wasn't always like this - 7:00am was a comfortable wake-up time, but when I had my baby last year it all changed...for the earlier. I don't mind starting the day bright and early, but I also notice that by 8:00am or so both girls are very cranky. I can give my baby a nap, but my kid if off to school at that point. To help me with these early morning girls I tested out the ZAZOO Photo Clock, an innovative sleep aid solution for kids.

Recently named as a 2012 National Parenting Publications (NAPPA) Gold winner, the ZAZOO Photo Clock was started by a mother of three young children who was searching for a product to help her own children sleep. How it works is simple; parents can use pre-programmed images like a moon or sun so that a child knows that it's time to wake up or sleep. The idea is that children will associate these images with the time to wake up or go to sleep. Easy to program, I set the bedtime for 7:30pm and the wake-up time for 7:00am. After stories we looked at the clock and saw images of the moon (you can also add your own pictures) I told my daughter that it was time to sleep and I left the room. At first she whined and said she wasn't tired but then I explained that when the moon appears it is time to sleep and that when she say the message "Good Morning" with a sun (can also be personalized) that it was time to wake. I stayed in her room for a bit and within minutes she was fast asleep.

The next day she woke up at around 6:30am and I asked her if the sun appeared. She told me no and we went back into her room and read stories until 7:00am. She was so excited when she saw the sun - especially since it said Good Morning with her name on it. When then listened to some music (included in the photo clock) and started getting ready for school. After using it for about a month, we have had some hits and misses with my daughter where she still wakes up early - but she now stays in her room a little longer to wait for the sun to come up. She has also learned how to change the music and pictures - making it a great function for a tech-minded kid.

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Available in five different styles, the ZAZOO photo clock also includes a nap-time setting or for older kids this could be a quiet time setting where an alarm goes off when nap or rest time is over. There is also a calendar function where you can select the date and a video player where you can check out clips on the clock. In addition to the alarm, I also really loved that it is a digital photo frame - allowing you to add pictures of your family and friends on its LCD screen.

The photo clock grows with your child with features including a rotating photo frame, music, audio book, alarm clock and more.

An innovative multimedia device I loved how the ZAZOO clock encourages sleep and rest, while also including fun features for kids like personalized pictures, music and video.

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