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Genesis Today Juices and Vitamins


We know you've been hitting the gym and pavement hard to look great on the beach. But looking fabulous isn't just about working out, you've got to eat right, too. Genesis Today offers juices, vitamins, and a bevy of other goodies to keep you at your absolute best.

We got an exclusive interview with celebrity nutritionist Dr. Lindsey Duncan, expert on all things super-food. As an avid coffee drinker (avid=10 cups a day), this caffeinated beverage is definitely my go-to drink! For an early morning starter, an afternoon boost, and a late night relaxer, caffeine has become a major part of my diet. When I explained this to Dr.Lindsey he looked at me sympathetically and asked (pleaded) me to try to implement some of the Genesis Today juices instead of reaching for the coffee pot.


With energy shots gaining popularity, Dr. Lindsey urged me to try the Pure Energy Organic Acai Energy Shot. It's certified organic and provides convenient energy when you need it most. It's a potent blend that contains 100 mg of natural caffeine (derived from guarana and tea leaf extract), acai, and B-vitamins which work together to naturally support your body's energy levels and your metabolism.

Because I'm a super-busy lady schlepping around NYC all day, I don't always have ample time to eat healthy meals. Sometimes I grab a bag of pretzels and before I know it the bag is gone and so is the time I allotted for lunch. Dr. Lindsey suggest snacking on GoJi Vitamin Super Chews. These little babies are packed with real superfruits as well as important vitamins and minerals. They provide convenient, grab-n-go nutrition you can enjoy throughout your day. Just throw them in your purse or keep them at your desk for any time you need nutritional support.

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Dr. Lindsey also let me in on the importance of adding superfoods into my diet and gave me a list of the 7 best for women:

1. Acai
2. Resveratrol
3. Goji
4.Mangosteen (which is what he's holding, above)
5. Noni
6. Raw Cacao
7. Seabuckthorn

Some of these may sound foreign to you and that's because they are. Found in various parts of the world, these important superfruits could change the way you think and feel. To learn more about Dr. Lindsey and his nutritional philosophy, check him out here.

For more information on where to find Genesis Today products, please visit:

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples of Genesis Today.

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