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GE is adding new, even more innovative, French Door refrigerators to its beloved and trusted line of great products. At a recent NYC event, I not only got to preview the new GE refrigerators, I learned so much about the high-tech features, GE's commitment to environmental stewardship as well as how they've provided jobs to so many Americans.

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Three features stood out on the new GE French Door refrigerators that pleased this busy, eco minded mama:

  • Hands-Free Auto Fill: All of the new GE French door refrigerators feature the most advanced water filtration system offered. It is has been tested and third party verified to remove 98% of five trace pharmaceuticals from the drinking water/ice. The highly effective filters also take out taste, lead, chlorine as well as other hazardous chemicals. You can rest assured knowing that the water you're drinking, cooking with and serving to your family, is not only clean, it's safe and free from harmful toxins. I loved how easy it was to replace the filters as they are conveniently located in the door. They are also easy to remove, change and only need to be replaced every six months. I love that I can fill a pitcher of water, while I set the table or chop my veggies. The GE French doors are kicking multi-tasking up a notch.
Precise Fill
  • Adjustable Temperature Controlled Drawer:Have you ever noticed a strong smell in your fridge after you place your leftovers in the fridge? or go to sip your lemonade only to have it taste like Romano cheese? Well say goodbye to wafting smells and odor absorption. The new GE French door refrigerators have five settings and temperatures ranging from 32 to 40 degrees. This temperature range allows foods and drinks to be stored at their desired temperatures, keeping them fresher longer, and lessening the cross contamination of food smells. I have always placed my food in the fridge, closed the door and assumed it would stay fresh simply because it was in the refrigerator. GE's innovative technology changed my mind and now I know that different foods have different needs and they have created a unit to meet all of those needs. Do you contend with drooping celery and dried out cheese? Having a range of controlled temperatures allows you to store the food at its appropriate temperature to maximize and extend its freshness, ultimately cutting down on food waste. Less waste means saving money, trips to the grocery store, conserving resources, all things that really matter to this mama. The twin chill evaporators also aid in keeping food fresher longer. the evaporators keep the level of humidity in check prohibiting the growth of bacteria and keeping foods in their ideal environment. Techie moms will love that the colored LED lights in the drawer can be set to serve as a reminder of the temperature setting you've chosen.
TwinChill Evaporators
  • Hot Water Dispenser:The GE cafe model is the first refrigerator to offer a hot water dispenser. Once a feature that only restaurants could enjoy, now you can heat up to 12 oz. of water in two minutes. The SMART technology lets you know when the water is the desired temperature from one of the four pre-programmed settings. This is ideal for instant oatmeal, hot chocolate, a cup of tea or for all of your baby feeding needs. The dispenser has a counter clockwise lock that ensures that your little ones are safe from the hot water. Thanks to fellow mom blogger Audrey McClelland for the how to demo and practical use tips.
French Door Refrigerator Open

I love that the GE French door refrigerators allow you to see what's in your fridge. The double doors give you full access to the whole fridge, the LED lights make food more attractive and appealing, the drawers are deep and wide and every square inch of space is utilized. From sliding shelves, to removable condiment trays to taking the ice maker out of the main compartment and into the door, GE really thought of everything.

Temperature_Controlled Drawer

I was intrigued and impressed by GE cradle to cradle approach. Not only to do they create innovative, long lasting quality appliances but they keep expired machines out of the landfill with their recycling program and now they are taking it to the next level by reusing the steel in newer models.

GE'??s new French door refrigerators will be available in counter-depth, 27- and 29-cubic foot models in GE and GE Profile brands, and a 29 cubic foot model will be available in the GE Café brand. The GE Profile French door refrigerator will be available this summer, and the GE Café French door refrigerator will be available this fall at retailers nationwide.

The new GE French Door Refrigerators retail from $1,699 to $2,999, prices are determined and set by individual retailers.

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