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View Out Plane Window

Blik, the innovative maker of self-adhesive surface graphics recently announced the launch of four new designs by FUNBUS. Created by Dan Golden, FUNBUS reflects a ode to Golden's favorite childhood memories that includes cartoon and illustration-based designs, which reflect his personal experiences and unique take on the world. The four graphics embody the FUNBUS motto of connecting with people and making them smile.


Hole to Another Universe


Days Stuck in this Room

In Days Stuck in This Room, Don't Let Your Cat Near This Dude, Hole to Another Universe and View Out Plane Window, I found it fun to explore 2D vs 3D space, and play with several ideas that interest me, like alternate universes, giant red-eyed, cat-eating mice, old Twilight Zone episodes and our quotidian existence," said Dan Golden.

"We were drawn to Dan's eccentric design aesthetic," said Scott Flora, co-founder of Blik. "His sense of humor (complete with pop culture references) are a good fit for wall graphics. I've put up the prototypes in my home and love them."

"I'm thrilled to be collaborating with Blik," continued Golden. "They're just a really cool company to work with, and they bring such a fresh approach to wall graphics. Blik has featured some very talented artists and designers like eBoy, Charles and Ray Eames, 2x4, Keith Haring, etc., and that's a nice group to be a part of."

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