Friday Food News: On-The-Go Cleaning and Parents Love Halloween Candy

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Halloween is only a little over a week away! From costumes to candy, it's the perfect kid-themed holiday, but what do you do with all the goodies coming home? partnered with to survey nearly 500 parents about the upcoming Halloween holiday in order to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about candy consumption.

What were the results? A staggering 71% of parents were guilty of helping themselves to their kid'??s Halloween stash, with 20% admitting that they would refrain from confessing if confronted by their kids. (I admit it, we do, but the kids also gladly share our favorites, mostly because my daughter hates peanut butter and that's my favorite!)

What kind of candy do you hand out to the trick or treaters at your house? 83% of respondents admitted to buying their personal favorites in the hopes of enjoying it long after trick-or-treating ends. Wait, is there something wrong with this?

Share with us, do you eat your kids' Halloween candy? Do you buy the good stuff in case it's left over? And just what favorites might those be?


As moms, we're used to messes. But messes on-the-go require a special sort of patience for cleaning. In conjunction with VIVA On-the-Go Napkins, Kimberly-Clark surveyed moms about the strangest thing they had ever used to clean up a child'??s messy face, hands, spill or other mishap while on-the-go, where 61 percent of moms cited their clothes. This was followed by a scarf or gloves (17 percent), an article of clothing with the tags still on (3 percent), then a dress or business suit and pet (each at 1 percent).

What makes the mess? The list reads like a cornucopia of childhood crud with runny noses on top, followed by throw up, melting ice cream, potty accidents, ketchup, blood and pet messes. As for the most expensive item ruined or damaged by a child-sized mess? Furniture topped the list, followed by clothing, carpeting, and the family car.

With stories like this in mind, Kimberly-Clark recently introduced portable VIVA On-the-Go Napkins in a pop-up box. The napkins are soft on hands and faces, yet strong enough to clean up messes and spills. For coupons and store locations, visit or

Tell us - how do you clean up your messes on-the-go?

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