Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector


Now that the windows are closed against chilly temps, I'??m hesitant to compost anything. Even though I know how it helps the environment and can even boost our spring garden, who wants a bag of old food decomposing on your counter when kitchen air flow is nil? The alternative is leaving the bunch outside but then if it becomes a snack bar for our dog.

I was pretty excited when I was introduced to the new Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector. This small filter-free compost bin boasts a unique airway system. It cleverly allows the oxygen to easily flow through the compost. For all you biology majors, this means that it'??s an aerobic breakdown, which keeps scraps fresh until you'??re ready to dispose of them. Because it'??s decomposing more slowly, the food scraps stay drier during the composting process.

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It'??s completely discrete for the kitchen counter or in a cabinet (you even have a choice of Green Slate and Cool Earth colors). But to be honest it had me at '??odor-free,'? a wonderful side effect of the aerobic breakdown. Then it threw in the concept of being '??fly-free,'? and I completely rejoiced and promised to compost again.

Now we'??re composting coffee grounds, veggies, eggshells, fur from the puppy brush, paper towels, and tons more. The kit comes with five biodegradable bags, so you'??ll have to spend a bit more once you'??ve run through them. But I would pay for less stink and more green living, wouldn'??t you?

The Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Collector is available at for $29.99 or on Amazon.

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