Cool Floppets for Summer

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As summer approaches, flip flops become the choice footwear (wedges and strappy sandals for me). And since I don't think they make Havianas in kid sizes, we hit the Old Navy. But although they come in a ton of bright colors and are the right price (how can you beat a pair of shoes for $3, I ask you), those basic FFs aren'??t all that interesting. Until now, that is.

Floppets are a cute and customizable collection of characters your kid can attach to anything, like flips flops.

These flexible and versatile little characters have a connector and Velcro tether, so your kids can attach them to almost anythingPony tails, buttons on her uber-cool denim jacket and her summer program backpack seem to be our favorite places. But, yes, they do go on flip flops. Then can even be linked together by simply connecting their tethers, creating instant wristbands, rings, anklets and necklaces. We currently have two of them as a belt for Barbie. Don'??t ask.

There are parrots and puppies, sea creatures and lands animals. If it's cute, it's a Floppets.

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Kids can collect, share and trade them. And for your littler ones, there are neat games on their website that allow you to create printable stories with all the Floppets characters.

As a paranoid mom, I was worried about them chafing her tender little toes as the Velcro backing rubbed with each step. But since that only happens to me when I buy cheap toe loop sandals at Target (true story), I needed to put that fear aside because she didn'??t seem to have that problem. For comfort we put the fuzzy part of the tether resting against her skin by flipping it and carefully pulling the tether off of the base. Then we reversed it and rewrapped it around.

We're walking our own little path to flip flop fantasy land. And hitting Old Navy along on the way.

Floppets are available for $1.99 at and select toy stores.

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