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For 2012, I have been trying to get back into a fitness routine. As a mom of two children (one of which is baby), I really need a program that is effective as well as one that isn't going to take that much time. I've tried DVDs at home, but after awhile those can get stale and lose their effectiveness. I crave a workout regime that not only burns fat but a program that is fun and cost-effective.


I recently discovered the perfect way to workout for my life with Flirty Girl Fitness Live. Started by two sisters - Kerry and Krista Knee - with a passion for fitness and having fun while doing it, Flirty Girl Fitness Live is a series of convenient and cost-effective workout classes that can be streamed right to your computer or TV screen.


With a simple sign-up, you can choose a pass for 7 days ($10), for an entire month ($15) or for the day ($5). No long-term commitments or gym memberships, the program is great for moms who want some help with working out but don't want to pay for something that they may not use. I love the concept of working out from home and with Flirty Girl Fitness Live you can enjoy a variety of classes like Sexy Sculpt, Bikini Bootcamp, Booty Beat, Pole Dance, Video Vixen, Flirty Pilates, Body Blast, 30 Minute Ab Express, Women and Weights, and Hottie Body Boxing to stay motivated and have fun with a variety of different classes. The class schedule is posted on their website and includes convenient times throughout the day between 11:00am-8:00pm.

I tested out the Body Blast class when my baby was taking a nap. Without having the excuse of "I'm too tired to go to the gym," I simply streamed the class from my computer. I loved this high-energy class that had me 'breaking a sweat' in minutes. My instructor, Elena, guided me through an intensive workout that included weight lifting and toning to define my lackluster muscles. I loved the pace and music that kept me moving as well as the group featured in the video that motivated me to work along with them.

Overall, I loved this program and how it makes it easy to workout right in my house. The classes were never boring - not to mention a far cry from the standard DVDs or trying to find time to trek to the gym. Perfect for moms or women on-the-go, Flirty Girl Fitness Live is the next level of fitness - fun, affordable and effective!

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