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Finding Balance with Celeb Yogini Colleen Saidman


Being a mom can be hectic (to say the least). We recently wrapped up a huge fashion conference (read more about our recap here) with busy schedules and a lot of juggling. To unwind, I loved enjoying a glass of wine at night and some yoga during the day a both a treat and a way to reconnect and slow down during my often busy days.

I also recently learned some tips from world-renowned celebrity yoga instructor Colleen Saidman who travels the globe year-round helping individuals find balance through the practice of yoga and meditation. She also recently partnered with Estancia winemaker Scott Kelley, who is committed to sourcing the perfect blend of flavor, aroma and tannin when creating his wines. This makes this pairing a uniquely organic extension of both Colleen and Scott'??s personal and professional philosophies with a focus on balance, moderation and connection in a given moment. To help moms reconnect, I learned some tips from Colleen and conducted a short interview about how busy moms can incorporate yoga into their busy lives.

Top 5 Tips to Achieving an '??Uncommonly Balanced'? Lifestyle:

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  1. Heightening your sense of smell with a glass of wine can do wonders for the soul, just like essential oils. The first smell in the glass is a long, savored ritual that takes you someplace, even before taking a sip. I fight off feeling sluggish by grabbing citrus oil in the morning and toast special occasions with a glass of bright, fruit-forward Estancia Chardonnay because the inherent flavors and aromas are similarly uplifting.
  2. Overcome feelings of office stress by taking a minute to yourself. Rest your head forward (at your desk) on something soft, like a blanket or sweatshirt, and feel your feet during 10 cycles of breath and your anxiety will slowly subside.
  3. Channel your energy through breathing. Focus on exhaling when you are over stimulated and inhaling when you are lethargic. Once you find the intimate connection between your body and breath, you'??ll experience a new sense of comfort and ease.
  4. Relax and cleanse the body and mind with a hot bath using Epsom salts (unwinds muscles), 12 drops of lavender or vanilla (very soothing for the nervous system), baking soda (detoxifies heavy metals from flying and talking on cell phone), candles and a nice glass of wine, like Estancia Pinot Noir, which has a sense of earthiness that I find grounding after a stressful day.
  5. Make an effort to create balance between professional, personal and family time in order to truly find fulfillment. Make small goals in your calendar that you are accountable for, like speaking with your spouse before checking morning emails, setting aside time for a weekly meal with family and blocking a personal hour for yourself to unwind.

Momtrends: How can busy moms incorporate yoga into their busy lives?
Colleen: Yoga is an art form that brings awareness to the body and mind and creates body-mind connections. In doing so, you have to look at destructive habits like overeating and overworking. You also begin to watch your reactions and learn to breathe and respond. When this awareness occurs, your life will shift. Healthy choices take over. It is a practice based on curiosity and the result is overall wellness. Taking a few moments to do this every day in the midst of raising children might not always be easy, but it is worth it.

Momtrends: What are some simple yoga moves that moms can practice at home?
Colleen: Downward facing dog, sun salutations, and arm balances are great for firming up the arms. Back bends target the bum. The core is used for the entire practice. Boat pose and holding plank pose are 2 very effective poses. Poses like extending side angle and side plank are great for strengthening and lengthening the side seams of the body. Putting lavender essential oil on the base of your neck while practicing restorative forward bends and focusing on your exhalation is a great recipe for stress busting.

Momtrends: What are some tips for how moms can (and women, in general) can practice relaxation?
Colleen: There are so many different ways people alleviate stress, but a particularly relaxing method is to cleanse the body and mind by luxuriating in a calming bath. Run very warm water using Epsom salts (which unwinds muscles), 12 drops of lavender or vanilla (which are very soothing for the nervous system), baking soda (which detoxifies heavy metals from talking on your cell phone, for example), candles and a nice glass of wine, such as Estancia'??s Pinot Noir, which has a sense of earthiness one might find grounding after a stressful day. Also, putting lavender essential oils on the base of your neck while practicing restorative forward bends and focusing on your exhalation is a great recipe for stress busting.

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