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How to Find an Authentic Handbag


Cassandra Connors, Founder and director of Shop Bella Bag, the second-largest online seller of authentic, pre-loved luxury handbags and accessories, knows a thing or two about vintage fashion. Her passion for pre-loved designer goodies inspired her to create Shop Bella Bag, which is now home to hundreds of authentic, vintage designer treasures. Being that she is a fashion-savvy trendsetter, Cassandra has great tips when it comes to owning your sense of style. However, when it comes to the authenticity of a vintage designer goody, it can sometimes be hard to tell whether or not your piece is the real deal. Taking from her 13-Point Authenticity Inspection, Cassandra Connors provides some helpful tips on what to look for when authenticating a bag.

  • Counting stitches. While tedious and somewhat frustrating, counting stitches can really be a deal breaking when it comes to authenticating a bag. Keep in mind that the real deals often have a much more complex stitching design that most knock-offs.
  • Examine interior and exterior logo stamp. While knock-off logos might look like the real deal at a glance, a thorough examination is necessary to find the minor detail differences between the real logo and the knock-off logo.
  • Trace serial numbers. Serial numbers almost always seal the deal in authenticating a bag. The serial number assigns a specific number to one designer piece that involves the history of the bag. A knock-off serial number will not show up in a designer database as it was most likely made up.
  • Test hardware magnetism. This has a lot to do with the materials there are generally used with a specific brand. When the material used of the real deal is known, it'??s easy to compare the differences.
  • Inspect zipper heads. Each brand uses a different zipper brand, and almost always uses the industrial ones. Also, zipper head designs are almost always altered, and because the zipper is such a small details, it can sometimes be hard to catch.

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