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Forget about fad diets and exercise plans. This year to feel your best join us in making a few fashion resolutions. The kids are back in school, you've likely packed the tree or menorah up for the season and now you can take some time to ponder how to make your life more fabulous.

Consider one of our five fashion resolutions--it's not too late to make this your trendiest yet.

1. Give up the sneakers. Gym shoes are just that--for the gym. We admire your commitment to exercise, and your dedication to fitness. But wearing gym shoes 24-7 is a sole-sucking (pun intended) fashion buzz kill. Boots are great, but we're slightly obsessed with oxfords in 2012--like this pair from Gucci.


2. Support yourself. Head to your bra and panty drawer and toss--yes toss--those mangy panties and stretched out bras. The average woman owns 12 bras but only 6 of them fit. Get fitted, wear a bra that works for you and your team and toss the rest. And repeat after me: White shirt=nude bra. As for the panties, thongs are over. You don't have to wear a thong to avoid VPL (visible panty lines)--we're keen on these from Soma.

pretty panties

3. Dress like a 6 year-old. Some of the best fashion advice around comes from my eldest daughter. She disses me whenever I am in head-to-toe black. Color is what she craves. While I can't pull off the little miss-matched look, I can pull off colored jeans. I'm thinking cobalt for spring--maybe this Paige pair. Color rules in 2012.

cobalt denim

4. Coat Crusade. It simply kills me when I see an other-wise elegant woman covered up in a frumpy coat. Now is the time to show coat sales. Even the warmest coats can be stylish. If you live in a climate such as NYC, your coat wardrobe should be vast. It's an investment and it matters. Shop smart and give away coats that no-longer suit you to someone who really needs them this winter.This is the year I ditch my black puffer for something more fabulous such as this Chocolate belted version from


5. Get a signature accessory. We're all about purging and keeping the clutter at bay, but one place where we allow hoarding is in the accessory realm. We've become committed to a collection of statement necklaces--more often than not from Serena & Lily. But for you it may be it's bangles, bags, men's watches or scarves. This year become known for collecting the fabulous items in a certain category. So even if you do get caught in an all black outfit with sneakers and an oversized puffy coat, I won't write you a fashion ticket. Here's what I'm eying for spring.


And remember ladies, here's the rule. If you haven't worn it in 5 years give it away. Organize your closet by weeding out the old and making room for the new. And we agree with Joan Crawford--"NO WIRE HANGERS!"

What are your fashion resolutions for 2012?

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