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We are living in a digital world and one will only get more technologically advanced as our children get older. One aspect that is continuing to grow is gaming where kids can go online and enjoy interactive activities as well as play educational games. At a recent blogger event I learned about a relevantly new gaming company called Fantage that combines learning, fun, and discovery through a virtual world that both parents and kids will love.

Created in 2008 by David Hwang, Fantage is a community site for kids, tweens and teens ages 6-16 that has grown to more than 14 million users and received tons of exciting awards including the Editor'??s Choice Award from Children'??s Technology Review for excellence in children'??s interactive media. Through this exciting game, users become a part of the Fantage or Fantastic Age community where they can shop for new clothes and hover boards, play games like "Fashion Show" and even chat with other kids in a fun and safe environment.


Through the Fantage world, kids take on a cartoon-like avatar where they can surf around the community on cute hover boards going between 12 towns '?? including Pet Town, Downtown, Mt. Fantage, The Castle, The Beach and Wizard'??s Domain. Within these towns, users will discover various games for both a single player or join a group with other Fantage users to compete for points. At the launch, I really loved playing "Fashion Show" where my avatar had to compete in an America'??s Next Top Model style show complete with a dress-up theme (Halloween fashions, only blue fashions, etc) against other Fantage users that were also currently online. Through this quick challenge my avatar was asked to strike a pose, cry and blow a kiss as they game was being timed and judged another user. I also loved the Fantage School that included educationally rich content. Teachers can even use this feature to incorporate gaming and learning in their classrooms since the program combines the perfect level of fun with testing. I really loved testing out the game '??Off the Hook,'? a fun quiz game where all of the avatars are placed in the middle of a gym and then system asks questions such as '?? Is Mars is the second closest planet next to the sun?'? From there the avatars either have to go to the true side or the false side. The incorrect side gets eliminated with a virtual cane until the end when a winner is chosen.

As an avatar, users are given an inventory where they can change clothes, their hair color, hover boards, accessories, shoes, pets and even their moods. I loved this dress-up feature that had my avatar in funky blue hair and a printed jumper one minute to a purple hair with a yellow hat and a sundress the next. All of the clothes have to purchased through the various shops in Fantage so through this game kids can learn about the value of a dollar as well as find looks to fit their unique style and individual tastes.

Being an online gaming system there is also a chat function with a customizable three-tiered safety system, providing parents peace-of-mind and a safe and fun online environment for their kids. Through this chat filtering system, parents can choose safe mode and no chat through a professional monitoring system, so that you have control and a reassure when they are playing. This function is also an excellent idea for kids who have friends in a different part of the country where they can meet and play online.

A fun, educational and futuristic world, Fantage is an exciting and engaging game that kids, teachers and parents will love.

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