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Want to learn how to create a perfect hairstyle for the next holiday? Here are two ideas. One: Head to Hair Rules salon in NYC and have owner Dickey or one of his crew tame your tresses or two buy some of the amazing Hair Rules products and take tips from the masters when you style at home. We recently held a blogging event in NYC for some of our favorite mom bloggers (check out the event here). Dickey, the mastermind and owner of Hair Rules, hosted the the event at his salon. Since he wrote the rules on texture, we went to him to get the scoop to help you look your best this season.

Check out the results from our event...now you know why we love this place and its owner.

fab hair 2
fab hair

We asked Dickey for a few more helpful tips to create the best hair ever. So we got him to answer a few of our top styling questions.

How can you help make a blow out last?
Be sure to twist hair and put away into a bun on top of your head to preserve at night.
Any tips to prevent winter static?
Avoid shampoos that suds and strip the hair of essential moisture in the cold dry season instead use hair rules daily cleansing cream non sudsing shampoo its like skin care for your hair
After the holiday and all the extra styling sessions, what would you suggest to repair and treat hair?
Shampoo with a gentle cleanser like our daily cleansing cream. After this, your conditioner is going to work more effectively and will become the treatment you hoped it to be. Set aside time to use our quench conditioner under a plastic cap for 15 min to an hour around the house.

dickey does a wash

Dickey has developed a line of products specifically aimed to help women with textured hair. It's a multi-textural world and this line of products has solutions for women of all ethnicities. Head here to see the full line of styling products.

We love this DIY series too that the Hair Rules team developed for their site. This videos are easy to follow and might just inspire you to try it on your own.

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