Experimental Honda Odyssey Video


Gone are the days when women are fretting about turning 40. Now, 40 is a time to rediscover passions, have fun and make each day count! Raging Artists, an independent company (not affliated with Honda) recently launched a simulated 2012 Honda campaign highlighting the mantra of living life to its fullest through the prospective of a minivan driver.

This experimental video, '??A Family Man is Still a Man'? shows a Dad that has to get his car washed but ends up having a fun day dropping off his kids, hanging out with little people, breaking up bar fights and playing paint ball. Directed and shot by Tim Damon, the idea is that even though it may seem that this man has lost his youth, he is still a man who wants sleek styling, a roomy interior, ultra-responsive handling and safety features like anti-lock brakes, bluetooth, stability control and ultra-wide entertainment for TV watching and game watching

The video isn't meant to glamorize the minivan or propose that it holds the key to recovering a lost youth; rather, it shows that when you live in the present, a family man can strike the right balance of fun, adventure, chaos, and cleanliness.

To view the video, please visit: www.MinivanCampaign.com.

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