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When you become a parent you often need a crash course in Strollers 101. There are large ones, compact ones and lightweight ones. At the recent Aprica's City Stroll: A Mom on the Go experience, I had the opportunity to learn more about Aprica and their full-line of strollers to suit all of your on-the-go needs. At the event, I also had the chance to test drive Aprica's Moto Lightweight Travel System as well as have a sneak peek at the new Haven OpenAir Playard.


Moto Lightweight Travel System Stroller in Twilite

The first thing I noticed as I pushed Little Bee in the Aprica lightweight, aluminium -frame stroller was that it moved very easily. It was raining, so I was holding a huge umbrella, but had no problem pushing the stroller with one hand - even over the bumpy sidewalks of New York City. Easy maneuverability is a must-have feature in a stroller, especially one that is being used in an urban setting. The Moto easily fit through doorways, glided over sidewalks and had a compact feel unlike other travel system strollers I have tried. My daughter, (yes! I put Aprica up to the ultimate challenge by testing it out on a real baby, MY baby!) kept dry from the big drops because the hood is large and covers most of the child in the upright position.

The Aprica Moto Lightweight has four innovative features that make it unique from other travel system strollers.

SmartTray provides a martphone viewing cradle &universal sippy cup holder

SmartTray provides a martphone viewing cradle &universal sippy cup holder

SmartTray provides a smartphone viewing cradle & universal sippy cup holder

The moto comes equipped with a SmartTray feature, which provides a smartphone viewing cradle and a universal sippy cup holder. I especially appreciated the universal sippy cup holder since EVERY stroller I have can hold a different size sippy cup. Who wants to plan their child's cup according to whether or not it will fit in the stroller? One stroller, many cup choices!

Another feature I loved was the built-in seat ventilation panel. This is feature allows the bay to get maximum air flow, especially important when the temperature is climbing. There is nothing worse than a screaming, sweaty baby! The more comfortable baby is, the easily traveling with her will be.The under carriage storage basket is easily accessible and provides plenty of room for a diaper bag and a few must haves for baby.

The new Moto car seat, (which literally snaps in place in the stroller) also comes with a breathable, mesh privacy shade to let your little bundle rest without being stimulated by her environment or for those that want to keep unwanted onlookers from sneaking a peek!

Picture 7

The stroller pops up with one hand and folds JUST AS EASILY. Literally was able to do it ONE HANDED. I love that the stroller clicks closed and stands up on its own. The fact that it stands up on its own will not only keep it clean, but makes loading the children up, much easier and much less of a hassle. At just under 20 lbs., lifting the stroller is not a back -breaking experience.

The Aprica Moto Lightweight Travel System Stroller retails for $299.99 . It is available in three color choices.


Aprica Haven OpenAir Playard

The Aprica Haven OpenAir Playard was unique in its easy open and close. What normally is a two to three step process is done in one-step with the Aprica Haven.

One-step open and close

One-step open and close

The included quilted mattress pad with liquid repellent finish means there's no need to pack extra sheets, or mattress pads to keep baby comfortable and the mattress protected. The Haven OpenAir playard comes with ts own carrying case which comes in handy for a quick getaway to grandma's or for stowing it away until needed.

The Aprica Haven Openaire playard retails for $159.99 . All Aprica Products can be can be found online, at Babies R' Us as well as other select retailers.

Picture 9

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