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I would like to apologize to my family who visited us last year, at this time. Our laundry room was practically a horror show. My poor guests faced a grime coated washing machine and dryer, dust bunny infected basement floor and who knows what other embarrassments that I've managed to block out. Starting this week, our family will start arriving again, but, this year, I have a surprise!

I cleaned the laundry room! Now, I smile with relief when I go down to the basement. It's nothing fancy, but it's so much better! After the thorough cleaning, I put the detergent and sprays neatly in the cabinet above the machines (where they belong), traded plastic bags of rags for wicker baskets of rags, stacked extra towels on top of the washer and hung a few pictures to spruce up the space. Then, I looked for products that would make my guests feel special, like they were on vacation, not in a horror movie.

Roux Maison is a new collection of eco-friendly laundry products are made from all natural ingredients that smell like expensive spa products. With fragrances made from essential oils in scents like Sweet Tea (tea with a hint of citrus), Ambrosia (lavender) or fragrance free, you can wash your clothes gently, yet effectively, while giving them a delicate scent and a luxuriously soft feel.

Roux Masion's collection includes Essential Detergent, Delicate Detergent, Sport Detergent (eliminates bacteria without harming lycra and spandex), Swimwear Detergent (removes chlorine while damaging elasticity) and Stain Remover (designed to work with all Roux Maison detergents). All detergents will preserve the life of you clothes with preservative free and synthetic free ingredients.

This year will be different. I know my guests will be pleasantly surprised and, most importantly, they will feel special sleeping in their Sweet Tea scented sheets.

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Delicate Sweet Tea

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Momtrends was not paid for this post. I tested the Sweet Tea detergent for reviewing purposes.

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