Digits: Mini Conductive Pins for your Gloves

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Off and on and off and on. It'??s almost like the Timberlake and Biel relationship. It'??s the status of my gloves when I'??m outside. Put them on because I'??m freezing. Take them off when I have to respond to a text. Put them on. Take them off when I have to take a call. Put them on. Shocker as to what happens when I need respond to an email. Yep. Off again.

I tried those fingerless gloves, but I usually end up having some serious auto correct because my gloveless digits are freezing and therefore useless stumps. So when I discovered Digits, I got all warm and fuzzy with the love. You put these genius little mini conductive pins on your glove fingers (they come four in a box, so use them anyway you want'?¦since I'??m a pointer finger typer, I was able to put these on four different gloves) and you'??ll be able to type on your touchscreen without having to strip down to freezing.

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Since these do poke a tiny hole, I wouldn'??t suggest them for leather gloves. But they are really great for crocheted or fleece gloves. Push them through, then twist the other side of the Digit into the post and you'??re ready to go. And they'??re black, so they'??re relatively chic'?¦as chic as a piece of silicone could be, I guess. Regardless, you can stay connected and stay warm.

The neat thing is that these were invented by just an average Joe (or, in this case, an average Brian) through this great site called quirky.com that helps inventors do their thing of creating cool things. Digits might be quirky. But quirky can sometimes be genius.

Digits are available on Amazon for $11.99.

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