Diapers.com: Best Stroller Survey Results

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Picking the best stroller for your baby might be almost as challenging as buying a new car. Diapers.com sells an enormous amount of buggies and they've just completed a massive stroller survey. The results are in and we're sharing the Top 10 Strollers link. The survey results are based on 2010 sales on Diapers.com. Research the findings and pick your "ride" in confidence.

The top pick in the standard stroller category was the Maclaren Quest ($249 as shown in denim). We're not surprised. Head out on any given morning in our neighborhood and you'll see the streets teeming with Maclaren buggies. Basic models start at $229 and come in a variety of colors. For trendy moms, we love the limited edition denim stroller--for a bit more cash you get one cool looking stroller.

The Quest weighs in at 12.1lbs and can carry a child from birth to 55lbs. The stroller features four recline positions (including full recline). We love that the stroller folds up with ease and takes up very little space in the hallway.

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Another worthy player in the standard stroller division is the Baby Jogger City Select ($329.99). We've also road-tested this stroller and give the smooth ride high marks. The versatile stroller can be configured in 16 possible seating combinations (including forward facing or rear-facing). Plus, if you are adding to your family, the City Select can be converted to a double stroller with a special conversion kit. Holds a child up to 45 lbs. Note: it weighs 28 lbs, making it a bear to fold and carry

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For more information about the Diapers.com Top 10 visit the Diapers.com site here--they also have lists for double/triples, jogging strollers, and lightweight. The guide can be printed out as a PDF for your research purposes.

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Diapers.com offers all these seats on their online registry--click here for more information.
The registry offers $50 cash back and 10% off all the items you DON'T receive as gifts and have to buy on your own.

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