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I love looking at beautifully crafted nurseries. There is something so calming when all of the elements in a room come together. Of course, there is tons of work behind this 'look' but while looking at a beautiful room it is also a representation that a designer 'gets it.' They get your personal style and know how to enhance it and make it look a thousand times better while adding elements you normally would never think of.


Alessia Corpino and Julie Frank of Tiny Nest understand design and parents needs where they offer services that focus on traditional design as well as an e-design option for parents who want to decorate a unique place themselves but lack the time. Both services let you create rooms in the style you want with personalized selections - allowing parents to take charge of their look and work with two women who have the eye to create your dream nursery.

Those that are not in NYC, will love their Design Online option. Through this option you can have an e-design package created based on your specifications and vision.

How this works is simple. You provide the input and Alessia and Julie will select options for furniture, finishes and decorations. They then create a detailed e-design booklet entailing mood boards with images, items specifications and all the information you need to buy everything on your own online.

Combining imagination with practicality, Tiny Nest does everything possible to create a room in your selected style: vintage, modern, whimsical, traditional or exotic.

They also offer an interesting service called Design in a Box, a toolkit you use to create the room you want. With this option, Tiny Nest already did the research, created the scheme and even laid out each item for a vision of how the finished room will look. This includes the paint to use to the types of beds, to the right linens to enable parents to create a unique room take shape.

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