Notes from the Kitchen: Delicious Yogurt Options from Olympus Dairy International


I love the simplicity of enjoy yogurt in the morning. I usually add some fruit or granola to it or pack it with me for a snack while I'm out and about. I aslo love to make smoothies from yogurt or add it to make dips or salad dressings. I especially love Greek yogurt for its thickness and rich protein and calcium that makes it a treat for everyone in my household.

We have recently been testing out a variety of yogurts from Olympus Dairy International, Greece'??s number one organic dairy company, that has recently expanded to the US market. This authentic strained Greek yogurt was a huge hit in my house as we sampled some of their delicious and rich flavors like Plain, Blueberry, Vanilla, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Lemon and Honey. My daughter loved the honey yogurt that included an attached pouch of honey that she could pour into her plain yogurt. We also loved making different parfaits for a healthy and high protein snack (12 grams for a 6oz container).


Available in 0%, 2% and 10% fat, the yogurt is also non-GMO and Kosher as well as a good option for those who have lactose sensitivities since this type of yogurt is naturally lower in lactose.

Additionally, the company sells a line of cheese including varieties such as their Authentic Greek Feta Cheese, Authentic Greek Cheese with sun-dried tomato, Kasseri cheese, a product, made with sheep and goat milk, Kefalotyri, a cheese with salty and sharp flavor and Graviera, a cheese with a sweet and nutty taste - allowing you to have the authentic Greek food experience right in your kitchen.

A genuine yogurt right from Greece I loved the variety, health benefits and delicious taste profile from this unique yogurt and cheese company.

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