Delicious Arnold Pocket Thins


I love bread, but after awhile the typical sliced variety can be a bit dull. Enter Arnold/Brownberry/OroweatPocket Thins Flatbreads, a new way to enjoy everything from sandwiches to taco in a lighter pita-type bread.

Available in three mouth-watering varieties including 8 Grain, Italian Herb (available nationwide) and 100% Whole Wheat (available in select markets) that are a hearty and delicious way to enjoy lunch. I loved using them for dipping with hummus as well as creating cheese sandwiches, tempeh sandwiches and even for the classic Peanut Butter & Jelly .

What is also great about these pocket thins is that they are low in sugar and contain a hearty five grams of fiber!

Check out some of their ideas to make this swap, and introduce new delicious ways to enjoy your next sandwich.

  • Philadelphia: Cheese steaks
  • Boston: Lobster Roll
  • NYC: Hot Corned Beef (a la Carnegie Deli)
  • Chicago: Italian Beef
  • Pittsburgh: Primanti Bros (ie French fries)
  • NOLA: Po'??Boys
  • Tampa: Cuban Sandwich
  • Los Angeles: Fish Tacos
  • North Carolina: Pulled Pork Sandwich
  • Austin: BBQ Chicken

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