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We try to work Greek yogurt into our diet, even beyond the basic smoothies and such. We put it in banana bread, use it in marinades for salmon, as dollops on baked potatoes or enchiladas in place of sour cream. Besides active yogurt cultures and a higher protein count than regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is just a healthy choice.

And now you have no idea how true that statement is.

This August Healthy Choice brought out the big guns and now offers one of the creamiest lines of frozen treats I've tried in a while. Their new Greek Frozen Yogurt is made with real fruit, nonfat milk and yogurt cultures for a deliciously thick blend of sweet and tartness. And there's the expected nutritional goodness in there too--4 grams of protein. Something most frozen desserts can't really boast. They come in four flavors'??vanilla bean, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry, with the fruit nicely folded into velvety smooth yogurt.

Word to the wise: take them out and let them sit for a bit. Gotta chill, baby baby chill, and be patient. Don't worry. No more than a minute or two. In order to discover the true delicious creaminess of this Greek frozen yogurt, they have to defrost a tad. Then dig in with a sturdy spoon and you'll understand the concept "worth the wait."

The best trait of these treats is that they have none of that unpleasant '??chalky'? texture that some ice milk or hard frozen yogurt desserts have. They're so creamy, in fact, I happily finished the four-ounce cup in about four seconds. But perfectly sized at 100 calories each, I could even eek out two cups. Or three, since they come in three-packs. #dontjudgeme

Healthy Choice's new Greek Frozen Yogurt is available at grocery stores for $3.49.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.

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