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Thanks to L'Oreal for sponsoring my post about my favorite beauty looks, tips and tricks! Check out Makeup.com for beauty advice from the experts.

Makeup.com and Momtrends are encouraging you to Dare to Try red lips this holiday. With the season of holiday parties upon us, many moms are looking for a way to jazz up their looks. Splurging on a new dress might not be in the cards, but slipping on a bright red lipstick'??that'??s an affordable luxury.

Don'??t reinvent your wardrobe. Instead, try a little boost of color to make you stand out at your next party. We'??re sharing a simple guide on how to apply and pull off the red lips you see all over the celebrity magazines. This daring beauty look isn'??t as hard to execute as you think. Teaming up with our makeup pro Evy Drew, we'??ve got the process down to three steps.

1. Apply lipstick with a brush
2. Add concealer and powder to top lip divot
3. Finish off with a lip pencil

TIPS: We like the eveness and control a of a lip brush when smoothing on a bright color. Adding a little concealer and powder after you brush on the color and before you add liner ensures that you don'??t get the dreaded '??feathering'? effect that makes you look about 10 years older than you actually are.

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Finally we learned that the pencil should go on last. Again this is all about avoidance. Putting the liner on AFTER the lipstick will help avoid that look where mid-evening your lipstick is gone but your liner is still there. Not a good look on anyone.

Made a mistake? Don'??t worry. Simply grab a Qtip or baby wipe and start over. Remember: Makeup should be fun, not stressful.

When it comes to picking a color, decide on which option works best for you warm or cool colors.

For warm tones, we like MAC Spice liner with the L'??Oreal Spiced Cider lipstick. For cooler tones (think blue reds) we pick Revlon Revival paired with a Makeup Forever #8C lip pencil.
Try out those red lips and report back! We can'??t wait to see if you took this dare.

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