Dapple Surface Cleaner: Non-Toxic and Effective


I love the idea of using non-toxic cleaners to disinfect my child's toys. But do they really work? Rewind to last week, when a good friend visited us. She sat on the rug in my daughter's room, one of my girls in her lap, playing with their new toys when she casually mentioned that she just had the stomach bug.

I tried not to panic.

And after she left, I grabbed my bottle of Dapple Surface Cleaner and frantically sprayed the toys. Then, I checked the packaging to make sure that the stuff would really work. I was relieved to read that the natural ingredients in Dapple work as well as washing with soap and water.

What Dapple doesn't contain are the anti-bacterial ingredients that might not let kids build up their immune systems naturally. Since we wash our hands with plain old soap and water, washing their toys with soap and water is fine by me. And I would definitely rather spray the toys and let them air dry than wash each toy with soap and then rinse. With all the toys I would be washing, I would end up feeling overwhelmed and just crossing my fingers.

Dapple makes a variety of natural based cleaning products for all baby related cleaning needs: Dapple Bottle and Dish Liquid, Fragrance Free Bottle and Dish Liquid, Automatic Dishwasher Gel, Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent, Pacifier Wipes, Surface Cleaner for High Chairs, Toys and More and Surface Wipes for High Chairs, Toys and More. Find out more at Dapple.

Fast forward back to the present and I'm happy to say, we never got my friend's stomach bug. Can I thank Dapple? We'll never know, but I'll keep using Dapple!


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