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Daddy Dates Book Review


A motivational speaker and father of four girls developed Daddy Dates. Greg Wright made his career telling others how to live their best life, yet he felt a chasm growing between him and his daughters and decided a little one-on-one time might be an improvement. His words of wisdom are set out in a new book called Daddy Dates.

The dates have proven a huge success. The self-deprecating author doesn'??t purport to be the best father around'??but he does make quite and effort. He tries to slow down and figure out how females tick (not an easy task).

He matched the '??date'? up to the personality of each girl. For instance, A book-lover get s coffee date and at Borders. The basic premise is good-father'??s can'??t simply let the moms do all the work and assume there will be a lovely relationship waiting for them on the other side of puberty. I nudged this book into the hands of MR. Momtrends and he already executed his first daddy date'??a dress up lunch at a fancy restaurant. The girls got to wear their flower girl dresses and he wore a suit'??it was a big hit (note: the author suggests a ratio of one daughter to one dad'?¦we'??ll get there eventually.

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Other things in the book got me thinking. Like when to let our girls date. It seems like a long way off, but I am keen on the author'??s idea of only allowing group dates until college. The idea is that the girls can focus on school, sports and extracurricular activities.

NOTE: There are some Christian undertones so don'??t say I didn'??t warn you. It'??s not heavy handed but for those very sensitive I want you to be aware. It'??s an easy ready and worth a few hours of your time. Share it with your partner or spouse or ex-husband and maybe you'??ll be on your way towards getting closer to your girls. Find out more about Greg Wright the author

Buy the book on Amazon Daddy Dates ($11.55)

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