Crest 3D Whitestrips Review


A last minute (and much needed) date night appeared on my calendar last week--the perfect chance to test out the newest ground-breaking addition to the Crest 3D White collection--Crest 3D White 2 Hour Express Whitestrips.


Here's how I looked before I popped in the strips. Not bad, but I freely admit not perfect. I drink a TON of iced tea, love red wine and dark chocolate. Though I use a whitening toothpaste, I still think I needed a boost for my romantic night out at one of our favorite spots (Grocery--a restaurant in Brooklyn).

Since the product was billed as a last-minute solution I jumped at the chance. I quickly scanned the directions.

  • Don't brush your teeth before applying
  • Open pouch and handle with dry hands
  • Start with lower strip first--align straight and press on gently with your clean hands--hold for 2-3 seconds
  • Fold notched side over the back of your teeth
  • Repeat with top row.
  • Let the magic happen.

They were idiot-proof to place on my teeth. I managed to have this in while taking a conference call (no lisping--they don't slide around). They are adhered in this bottom photo. Crest calls it "Advanced Seal Technology" I call it effective.


Come back in a few weeks and check out what happened after two hours...

Can't wait to see my results and want to try this? Head to to save up to $7 on your purchase or go here for a $15 mail-in rebate form (hurry that offer ends 9/16/11)

This is a sponsored post. I received compensation and a test kit to facilitate my review. I was given no script--like all our reviews on Momtrends, we test each product individually and give our honest feedback.

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