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I hate it when my daughter gets sick. Her once active self gets reduced to sessions on the couch that often involves more TV than I would like to admit. A few weeks ago she had a nasty cold and although she needed to rest I wanted to involve some activity to her day. To keep it low key, we got crafty with a collection of kits from Hello Hanna.

Created by friends Anne Schultz & Jina Choi, Hello Hanna features a unique collection of products to spark the creativity in all of us - young and old alike. This includes kits that are all packaged together whose final result is up the user.


Including a collection of paper dolls, we loved playing with the princess rose and princess daisy kits that featured a modern spin on an the princess girl motif complete a one large paper doll, a pet, adorable punch out outfits and sticker accessories. My daughter loved mixing and matching the enclosed outfits as well as using the attached stencil to make her very own fashions. The clothing is also fun to admire that features bright floral, yellow and purple dresses that every little girl will love!

We also played with the fun Hello Hanna books that allowed her to create her very own storybook from stickers. Made on recycled paper, the books featured scenes from a bakery, robot, princesses, and monkeys that included buildable storybook stickers to complete the story. What I really loved was that the stickers included fun shapes like branches or lines that allowed my daughter to construct her own person or creature allowing her to use her imagination to create a variety of figures.


Hello Hanna also sells cute placements that kids can decorate, delicious cupcake toppers, a sweet stand made of recycled paper and the fabulous decorative wishing tree.

With her sickness long gone, we now have the perfect creative toys for travel or a relaxing exercise to enjoy at home.

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