Fohawx: Cool Winter Gear for Kids


Most kids find safety helmets uncool and hate to wear them. However, kids need to protect their heads from injury when snowboarding, skiing, playing ice hockey, ice skating, etc.! The solution is fohawx, a one-of-a-kind new helmet craze that transform an ordinary safety helmet into a fashion statement with attitude! How they work is simple - each Fohawx comes with a self-adhesive attachment strip that easily attaches to any helmet.

They are also great for a variety of personalities and they come in three funky styles - WAVZ, PUNKROX, and DREDLOX - with great color combos for boys and girls. Kids will also love how lightweight they are and attach easily and securely to any sport helmet while parents will love that they are safe and merely accentuate a helmet. Plus, they're interchangeable so kids can easily swap them with their friends.

Sold in stores and bike shops across the U.S. and online at and 

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