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Staying calm can be challenging when you have kids. As people say, the days are long, but the years are short, which I really try to keep in perspective. I also try to stick with healthy habits by eating well and practicing yoga. Every weekend, I force myself to take class and these principals and focus just on me are so helpful. During yoga, I usually wear a combination of tank or tee with some stretchy pants. This can either make or break a class where if a shirt is too small, you can feel self conscious or if it is too big you can feel as if you are swimming in it.

As brands are starting to learn more about the modern women, I too have adapted to understanding that not all fitness clothing is created equal, which has been made pretty clear after testing out the comfortable and stylish collection of yoga clothing from the brand YogaMat. Dubbed as 'Clothing for a Clean Lifestyle,' Yogamat features a collection of pants, shirts, jackets and tanks that don't necessarily look like workout clothing. For example, their Concord jacket looks like a light coat you could wear to yoga class or when you are running around with the kids. Made of luxurious hydri-lux fabric, I loved wearing this fitted top that featured gorgeous details in the shoulders and cute pockets. The pants are also ridiculously comfortable and I love the Vasco line as well as the Bella line that are tailored to offer a supportive waistband that holds at just the right angles. When I am not taking yoga I love to wear them with the kids or to bed where I feel snug while it also offers me flexibility.

My favorite piece by far is the simple Manipur jacket that I wear virtually everyday. I love how this light jacket keeps me warm at home as well as under my winter jacket. Made of Yogamat'??s organic cotton and bamboo, this jacket is wonderfully comfortable and sleek as it offers a sporty look that is mixed with contemporary flair. You will also discover tons of yoga clothing on their website, and I also really loved the sleek Uttar top and Karnataka wrap top that looks elegant for the modern women.

Whether you are running around with the kids or taking some time for you to exercise, you will discover a beautiful, modern and comfortable collection from YogaMat.

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