Comfortable Jeans for Moms


As a mom on-the-go, jeans are my go-to wardrobe staple. I love how a great pair of jeans makes me feel - whether I am picking up the kids or going to event. One thing is for sure: comfort is key. I recently had the chance to preview the Jordache Spring/Summer 2012 (and test a pair out!) and I loved what I saw (and felt) from this classic brand.


Featuring a line of various styles - Bootcut, Skinny, Skinny Crop, Crop - the entire line is perfect for any body type. This not only includes the classic blue denim but a collection of colorful jeans in blue, red, sea salt, straw, coral, pompeian red and corrosion that give pants an edge that pops!


I tested out the Skinny jeans in black and I instantly loved how comfortable they felt. No pinching or tugging, these jeans made me feel great and even featured an adorable embellished black pocket with simple stones on the behind - making it perfect for a more dressed-up look.

For the launch of the 2012 collection, Jordache also released a fun movie showcasing the looks of Jordache through its 30-year history. Shot by Nigel Barker and starring Katrina Bowden (30 Rock), the film highlights the 70s, 80s, 90s and current year as Bowden showcases the various types of Jordache jeans.

As a brand, Jordache continues to evolve and is now meeting the needs of women and moms who seek comfortable, stylish and jeans that are on-trend. Yes, those are Jordache jeans that I am wearing.

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