Enjoying the Holidays with the Classics

Marcia Marcia Marcia! The Brady Bunch's 70's abode

Marcia Marcia Marcia! The Brady Bunch's 70's abode

Hello readers! Guess what? We'??re officially four days from Christmas. Yes kids, Christmas. It'??s here. There is nothing we can do about it. And if you'??re like me you'??ve already shut yourself down mentally in preparation.

Don Draper's Office in AMC's Mad Men - Warm yet befitting of a 1960's Corporate Power Player

Don Draper's Office in AMC's Mad Men - Warm yet befitting of a 1960's Corporate Power Player

Things tend to slow down around the D.Coop offices the closer we get to the Big Event. Emails become fewer. The phone rings less. Reps start showing up with big boxes of candy and cookies and other yummy addictive items that make me want to nap around 3pm. Just yesterday a box of fudge and Rolos showed up. Someone knows me very well not to put in Oatmeal Raisin cookies because I'??m just not a fan. Let'??s just say that by my 5pm gimlet I'??d finished off a fair share of that tin. I know I know. Let'??s just say that my new year'??s resolution is not to start working out. HAHA!

See the chocolate is already getting to my head and turning it into a rambling mush.

Carrie's Bedroom in Sex & The City.  You know you're a fan!

Carrie's Bedroom in Sex & The City. You know you're a fan!

Anyway, the result of fewer emails and shorter phone calls and boxes/bags/tins/trucks of goodies is that my mind is on vacation. Granted I don'??t head out until Friday but as of yesterday my mind went to mush. Blame it on Steve for wanting to open presents early. He'??s such a five-year- old when it comes to Christmas.

The Bar from Cheers!  NORM!

The Bar from Cheers! NORM!

I didn'??t think it prudent to do a rerun of an old blog post since you readers deserve more. And of course, a photo of me drinking a mimosa on a beach somewhere really wouldn'??t go over well (I'??ve seen snow already this year'?¦.). Actually, wouldn'??t that be nice to be sitting on a beach with a mimosa. Or a bloody mary. Or a margarita. I'??m not that picky.

Darren & Samantha's Living Room, Bewitched

Darren & Samantha's Living Room, Bewitched

Where does this leave you dear reader? RERUNS! Yes friends, reruns. Classic sitcom reruns. Listen, Steve hates it when I watch tv because I start instantly picking out design details. I can tell you who makes half of the furniture in AMC'??s Mad Men simply because every piece is a classic. I'??m still in love with the secretaire from Will'??s apartment in New York. And seriously, if I were an 80s bachelor I'??d love to live with Jack, Chrissy and Janet in Santa Monica.

To reminisce! Now mind you there are a few that could probably use the help of an experienced designer (moi!) but still, what fun it would be to be caught up in any of them!

Alright'?¦ you'??re bugging me on my vacation time. Have a super happy holidays readers and I'??ll catch you on the other side!

Images via: The Brady Bunch - Brady Bunch Remodel, Mad Men - The Mid Century Modernist ,Sex & The City - Sensational Color, Cheers - Panoramio, Bewitched - 1164.c0m

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