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I have too many fond memories of my Grandma Raitano to count. She was the tiniest little Italian woman you'??ve ever seen. She had a huge heart and a personality for which no room was big enough. Not to mention a bunch of recipes (including the best gnocchi this side of Sicily) lost to us now, since they were always from scratch and memory.

Whenever it rained or snowed, my grandma would wear this cute little clear plastic cover over her hair. I'??m sure one or two of you out there remember your grandma wearing the same kind. Maybe it had little blue flowers on it, like hers. Or ironic yellow raindrops. I'??m also guessing that this was at one time considered quite chic (perhaps when worn by a hot '??50s housewife fresh from the beauty parlor a la Mad Men).

I always thought this was a genius concept. It'??s like a hat but minus the hat head. It'??s a like hood that's on your coat that's minus a hood. It'??s like an umbrella minus...the umbrella.

Alas, where did all those cute covers go? Oh wait. I found one. Ladies, it'??s time for a little coiffie taulk on today'??s choices.

Coiffie is a water-repellent hood that turns any coat into a hooded garment to protect you from rain or snow. With winter styles adding a mid-layer of Thinsulate, it also adds warmth without bulk. The magnetic snap closure doesn't let in the breeze and also means no fuss with gloved hands as you try to snap or button it closed. The silky lining glides nicely over your hair so as to not turn the 'do into a don't (a note: I did notice a bit o' static hair when I pulled it off though).

In terms of style, this ain'??t your grandma'??s hair cover. With chic winter colors in ultra suede black, brown and gray with iridescent jacquard linings in classic reptile print for a fold-back peep of pattern, it puts the clear plastic covers to shame. There's also an all-season taupe with a purple and gold floral print that's a lighter material for warmer days.

I guess if you do the generational math, this could be the granddaughter of the old timey plastic cover. Only she's more chic, stylish and trendy. But I'm still guessing she doesn't make gnocchi as well either.

Coiffie is available at for $54 to $58.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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