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Cloud B products are ideal for baby gifts. Need something soothing and cute for a shower gift or your new little one or the one of the way? They've got something that is sure to please. Cloud B makes products to help sooth and comfort child during sleep time, from soft animals that smell like lavender, play music, or project starts on to the ceiling.

Everything is incorporated into an animal theme (such as this Polar Cub--making these products the perfect companion for a new baby. Here are a few of the favorites that moms I know love.

The Polar Cub is eco-friendly and includes a vibration device with 2 gentle rhythmic options to soothe your child to sleep. We love that he is part of the Cloud B Endangered Species Series which helps bring awareness to our animal friends in need of attention. A portion of each purchase goes to an international wildlife organization.

Gentle Giraffe($26.95) has four peaceful sounds: Safari Groove, Safari Trail, Victoria Falls and Mother's Heartbeat. Set the sleep timer with two options: 23 and 45 minutes. And for short trips, take along the companionGentle Giraffe On The Go ($22.95) a mini version he helps recreate sleep time routines by bringing familiar soothing sounds while away from home.

And how could you not adoreSleep Sheep ($26.95)? Another soothing friend.

Twilight Turtle ($29.95) is s night light. He gives your child's room stars. A tiny projector puts stars on the ceiling and walls. Comes in three color options: Bright Blue, Bright Green and Soft Amber and 8 different constellations. We like the auto shut-off '?? 45 minute sleep timer. Also, comes in Twilight LadyBug ($29.95) and SeaTurtle ($29.95)

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These products are absolutely amazing and will really help with sleeping. I was told about these products a few months after having my son and I completely fell in love. Now I give Cloud B products to all my expecting friends. You can find them atCloud B and locate stores near you or on Amazon. Sweet Dreams!

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