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This year, I'll pick out my daughter's first holiday stocking and I won't be taking the decision lightly. First of all, I probably will only buy her one. Second, this stocking will hang in my living room for many, many years to come. Third, how many times will I change my living room decor? Knowing me, a lot. So, do I choose a contemporary stocking, classic stocking, playful stocking or something neutral? Like one of these...

At first glance, these colorful stockings are my favorites.All Sorts of Stripes Stockings are contemporary and fun with a little Dr. Seuss whimsy. Choose from one of four styles. Stockings are hand knitted from cotton. $29 each

animal print stocking

This animal print stocking from Our Little Messes ($15) are stylish enough for grown-ups and perfect for an elegant living room.


I've been eyeing the Hable Construction Christmas Stockings ( $58 each or buy two for $76) at Garnet Hill for years. Available in ten designs that are festive and cute without looking too cutesy. My favorites are the Peppermints and Snowy Village. Bonus: They offer free monogramming!

pottery barn stockings

You can't go wrong with classic red and ivory Velvet Stockings. Stockings are also available in red and green velvet. The large stockings are $16 and the smaller ones (with the funny toes) are $9. Personalization is available.

nod stockigns

These appliqued stockings are adorable and kid friendly. Available in four designs. How cute is that penguin! Personalization is available. $26 - $32

I know what you're thinking. Just choose the stocking that I think my daughter will love the most. In all honesty, I know she cares most about what's inside the stocking on Christmas morning. So, the animal print?

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