Chic Wall Stickers for Halloween

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With Halloween approaching we have been loving the ghoulish and spooky decor that has been propping up in store windows and throughout our neighborhoods.

One super cute and chic option for decorating is to use large and removable wall stickers from WallCandy Arts where kids can place them in their rooms, on their front doors, in their classroom or in their living rooms (just to name a few options). The Design Your Own Jack-O'??-Lantern is a peel and stick wall decals kit that contains a mixture of interchangeable eyes, mouths, and noses, so kids can give each pumpkin a silly or spooky face that removes easily from the wall - so there are never any messes on the wall or mistakes when you or kid places them on.

Each kit ($36.00 from WallCandy Arts) includes: 3 pumpkins with stems, 35 parts to create mouth and eyes, 6 bats and 16 candy corn pieces. All kits are also phlhalate and BPA-free.

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