Chic Bracelets from Raquelle Bianco


Accessories are a fun way to enhance any outfit and create depth with texture and color. At a recent luncheon I had experimenting with some bracelets from Raquelle Bianco that were a fun way to add a unique look to my outfit while also staying true to my personality.

Currently in 250 US retail stores, the Raquelle Bianco brand is renowned for their "vivacious colors, excellent price points and versatile collections." Created by designer Eddie Weiss, the Raquelle Bianco line is made for the modern women who wants to wear stylish accessories on a daily basis. Eddie, who named the line after her great grandmother, Raquelle, creates this amazing line with enamel and silver as well as well with genuine gem stones.

The collections include names like Euphoria, Radiant, Rapture, Stardust, Romantica, Noctural, and many more that featured vibrant and fun looks with ruby, saphire, white topaz and onyx that are strongly influenced by Italian classic jewelry. This includes a collection of bold earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that can be worn for every occasion.


I loved wearing my loaner bracelets that included a collection of deep blue bracelets with one with two simple balls, another with fun accents and the third that was a collection of blues - much like a collage. I loved wearing them together as well as separately that worked with a variety of outfits. They were so simple to place on (an easy clasp system) and provided a unique and polished look that every mom will enjoy.

With a unique and fun collection, the Raquelle Bianco line is on-point with so many incredible and diverse styles that add the right texture, design and color to any outfit.

The collection is currently sold at some of the most renowned boutiques and jewelry shops and ranges from $50 to $600.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We sampled the bracelets as a loan.

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