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Chic and Simple Accessories from Emi-Jay

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At four-years-old my daughter is already giving me a battle with her hair. She likes it one way ( in her face) and I like to see her face. She's told me that she hates pony tails cause they rip her hair, so I was elated when I discovered the simple, yet stylish hair accessories from Emi-Jay. Developed by teenage entrepreneurs Emily and Julianne who were inspired by their passion for fashion set out to create quality, modern day hair ties. They now run an exciting business alongside their mothers and believe everyone deserves a little luxury and comfort in their lives. I also appreciate that this a brand that both my daughter and I can use and serves a purpose of functionality and fashion as well as one that donates a portion of their proceeds back to charity.


Through their line you can find their hand-dyed and handmade hair ties that are available in virtually every color. I love the holiday collection that feature colors for Christmas like Ruby, Emerald, White w/ Silver Glitter, Emerald, and Hanukah like Blitzen Blue, Snowflake Silver, Pure White, Snowflake Silver and Blitzen Blue. They also offer a cure collection for breast cancer awareness with Pink Stripe, Candy Pink, Raspberry, Candy Pink & Pink Stripe and a winter collection complete with amethyst, raspberry, peacock teal, marigold and tangerine. They offer many more collections with some favorites being the Gold Glitter Collection, Rainbow Glitter Collection, Jaguar Collection and the Calico Collection. Beyond the chic colors and designs, my daughter and I loved that they didn't rip our hair out or get tangled after we used them. They also worked as a simple accessory (when you aren't wearing them) that I love to have nearby whenever we need them.

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In addition to the hair ties, you can find chic Crystal Bead Hair Ties, Headbandsjewelry, and even ornaments for the holidays.

Whether you want a chic and simple hair tie or a sophisticated headband, Emi-Jay has you and your daughter covered.

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