Champion Celebrates 40 Years of Women in Fitness


It is incredible to think that 40 years ago women did not have the same opportunities in sports as they do today. That all changed with Title IX and the invention of the sports bra in the 1970s. To celebrate these momentous occasions, Champion invited Momtrends to a breakfast where Olympic Gold Medalist Benita Fitzgerald Mosely and Joanne Sessler, director design Champion spoke of how the 40 years of progress has given women new opportunities in sports and fitness - allowing them to thrive and compete in areas that were previously not available to them.


Benita remarked how she had opportunities (in sports) that were never available to women prior to Title IX. This is also significant since over 100 percent of women from 18-24 said they were encouraged to play sports, as compared to the 45 percent of women ages 55 and older. Times have certainly changed and sports are a significant part of the growth and development of young girls lives.


In addition to discussing the impact of Title IX, Champion traced the evolution of the sports bra from there very first prototype created in 1977 by Hinda Miller, Linda Lindahl and Polly Smith by sewing together two jockstraps. This now includes 19 different Champion sports bra silhouettes designed for all type of fitness activities, levels of support and size.


At the event, I also had the chance to check out the new Champion Sweetheart Neckline Sports Bra and the Champion Seamless Adjustable Bra, both launching this month. Powell noted how these new designs feature high-tech, stronger and lighter fabrics that are also more flexible to provide freedom of movement and support that women need.

This also includes a gorgeous and fun collection of colors and stylish cuts that can also be found on the newly launched, a site where women can discover expert advice all about sports bras. This includes a sports bra style feature, a fit and support guide, care tips, and other topics related to health and fitness.

The sports bra has certainly come along way since its creation in the 70s and thanks to its development at Title IX girls now have amazing opportunities to play sports, which can help them build their confidence, gain self esteem and improve their overall health.

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