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Chic Cellfolio Line from Jamie James


When you have children there will inevitability be stuff that you have to carry. Stuff for your children, stuff that you need, and stuff that you somehow happen to acquire along the way. The times that I have tried to leave with too few items, I often find that I need them and the times that I brought to much, I found that I didn't need them. It's hard to figure out, but I have recently been lightening my barrage of stuff (a bit) by using my new chic cell phone holder/wallet called the Jamie James Cellfolio.

Designed by Jamie, a mother of four and lawyer, who found herself "juggling several accessories - including her wallet, purse and cell phone" and found inspiration when she saw her older daughter carrying her ID and credit cards inside a regular jelly case secured for her smartphone. She then created a stylish, luxury wallet that used leather, fabric and velcro to hold your cell phone and everyday essentials without any extra bulk.

While testing out the Princeton Tancase I loved that I could slip my essential cards (business cards, credit card, metro card and ID), insert some cash and then attach my cellphone via an enclosed piece of velcro. The entire cellfolio neatly closed together and I was off with no bulky wallet or access cards that I didn't need on a day-to-day basis.

It was so simple, but incredibly amazing as I was able to compact all of my essentials and carry it via a small hanging loop around my wrist or allow it to fit compactly into my Ergo or purse. The loop was also a great place to attach my keys.

In addition to the amazing functionality, I also loved the design that featured a cool tan color and purple, pink and brown on the interior. The line also includes additional styles like the Rye White Caymen, the Hamptons BlueMadison Plum & Silver and the Hamptons Black that offers something for everyone's style and color preferences.

The Cellfolio is also able to work with multiple devices, including all Smartphones, Blackberries and the iPhone. They can also work for men, and provide a new fashion statement as you carry around your wallet in a compact and sleek wallet.

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While the stuff is hard to get rid off, you can lighten up your belongings by using this stylish and innovative all-in-one system that has never made carrying a cell phone look so good.

Check out this fun video featuring Jaime as she talks about how the system works: 

More features of the Cellfolio:

  • Easy access to your phone and wallet in one hand.
  • Fits most smart phones, blackberries and iphones (see list).
  • Quality sleek leather craftsmanship and signature lining in a design style.
  • Make a statement in a variety of textures, colors and patterns.
  • Can close to cover and protect the front of your phone.
  • Stand up your cell phone for easy viewing while in its Cellfolio.
  • Detachable strap to hold your keys.
  • Exterior ID window for display on the go. Easy swipe for entrance into your office, dorm, hospital or court without removing your ID.
  • Reversible snap for quick phone/wallet display.
  • Access for your charge and headphones.
  • 3 secure credit card slots and room for cash.
  • Phone easily secures with supplied velcro.
  • Supplied Velcro (2 pieces) allows you to maintain cell case when upgrading your phone to stay on the cutting edge of technology. With the extra piece of velcro you can attach to your new phone and still use your sleek Cellfolio.
  • Velcro adheres the Smartphone to the cellfolio so its secure and allows you to answer your phone without removing it from the case

Additionally, Caroline, the youngest daughter of Jamie James, wanted to help fellow children, so Jamie decided that Five Percent (5%) of all profits will go to the Smile Train, an International charity that provides cleft palate surgery to those in need and 100% of all donations go directly to the surgery for the young children.

The cellfolios retail for $35.00 - $58.00 at

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We were given samples. 

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