Celebrity Mom Trends

better tv clip

Ready or not we're hitting the airwaves.

With three on-air spots to show up this month, you'll be getting a lot of Momtrends this month. Kicking things off was a visit with Kara on of the hosts of Better Connecticut--a lifestyle show with a fun spirit. For this segment, we were talking about gifts that are hot with celebrity moms.

Here's what we featured:

Lille Kelly shoes: fans include Jennifer Garner

Mam Rock n' Roll pacifiers: fans include Sandra Bullock

Kickboard Mini Scooter: fans include SJP and Naomit Watts

Appaman: fans include Angelina Jolie and Gwen Stefani

Serena & Lily bags: fans include Halle Berry

Patricia Nash bag: fans include Denise Richards

Mama Mio Skincare: fans include Victoria Beckham

Avon Live/Laugh/Love Fragrances: developed by Reese Witherspoon

Splendid & Ella Moss Tops: fans include Jessica Alba and Katherine Heigl

While I'm thrilled with the segment, pulling all the merchandise was not easy. One would think PR agencies would leap at the chance to have products in front of THOUSANDS if not millions of viewers. I was astounded at the issues involved in getting product. Fortunately, some of my favorite celebrity-buzzed brands are a-mazing to work with. Appaman and KickboardUSA? Flawless. Samples arrived and only involved an email or two.

Here's how to make it easy of bloggers:

1. Send what is requested--not an extra case of merchandise.
2. Include pricing and a recap of the points of interest.
3. Include return shipping in the packaging if you need the samples back. We're on lean budgets and don't have the money/time to issue labels and wait for FedEx pickups.
4. Ask before you throw in extras that might make the cut. My office is tiny and storage it tight.
5. Cut the email chain short. If the problem can't be cleared up in 1-2 emails call for clarification.

I can't say enough good things about the team at Splendid. They sent great quality samples and had a messenger drop off and pick up everything so it didn't clutter my tiny office. Guess what? I'll be calling them again soon for another segment.

Thank you again to everyone who made this segment possible!

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