Campbell's Skillet Sauces

campbell's skillet sauces

We have two seatings in our house. First I feed the kids, then after dinner, story, bath (you know the routine), Mr. Momtrends and I sit down for a nice meal, maybe a glass of wine and the ability to catch up with each other.

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed with prep--now I'??ve got a tasty new solution: Campbell'??s Skillet Sauces. During last week'??s New York City Wine & Food Festival, I learned first hand just how easy these meals are to master.

I worked with two of Campbell'??s chefs (Todd Lyons & Robert Kristof) to put on cooking demonstrations at the event. How'??s that for pressure--an audience! These meals had to be easy to prepare if I could chit-chat with the chefs and whip up a dinner that looked and tasted great.

campbell's skillet sauces

All I needed was a bit of protein, a dollop of oil and WHAM! Dinner in 15 minutes. I whipped up Creamy Chipotle Chicken and Fire Roasted Tomato Beef Sirloin. Here are the basic steps:

Warm up the skillet
Add about a teaspoon of oil
Saute 1 lb of protein until cooked until the meat is browned on the inside
Open sauce packet and stir in on a lower heat
Serve over rice, pasta, couscous--get creative!

While at the Campbell'??s booth I tasted a few other flavors--my favorite was the Thai Green Curry Skillet. This sauce is packed with grown-up flavor. I might even saute 1.5 lbs of chicken--give the kids the unseasoned portion and put this sophisticated sauce on the remaining chicken for a grown-up dinner.

Campbell'??s put the hard work in at the test kitchens--they had to do all the experimenting and chopping and blending when developing the new Skillet Sauces. Thanks to all that effort, when you bring the product home to your kitchen, it'??s a breeze. Take a look at how easy it is:

This is an ideal weeknight meal--quick, tasty and easy. All I add is a vegetable and a grain and I'??m done. There are six different varieties in all--look for them in the prepared foods section. Expect to pay about $2.49 per packet. For more information visit www.campbellskitchen.comLater in the week, Serena is going to share some meal suggestions for the Skillet Sauces--stay tuned!

Full disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Campbell'??s hired us to assist with the demonstrations and post about the experience. All opinions are our own. This is an unscripted feature.

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