Camp: Game Night for All Ages


Growing up, I loved playing board games and activities with my family. Now that my daughter is getting a little older I have been noticing how excited she gets with board games as well as what a cool bonding activity it is for us all. We recently tested out the game Camp - a fun activity that brings the feeling of the great outdoors into your living room.

The game is broken down into various levels (level one Tenderfoot to the level four Nature Enthusiast) - depending on the players skill set. Since my daughter is only four, we started at level one Tenderfoot where we all picked a piece and places it on a seat around the campfire. During each turn we all draw a card and answer trivia questions that relates to each players skill level. For my daughter that was identifying various animals that allowed her to roll the dice again (if she answered the question correctly) or then the next player would take a turn. Essentially, everyone is able to strength their skill set while they race around the board to be the first to arrive back in camp.

Although some of the questions were challenging, my daughter did love learning about nature as she asked questions and gained knowledge about facts pertaining to the outdoors, animals and nature. A fun game for kids and adults of all ages, Camp is a great way to enjoy family time while also celebrating the fun of the great outdoors.

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