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We were at the National Zoo in D.C. a few years ago. We brought our cheapo stroller because of all the times we knew we would have to leave it outside an exhibit. Bring our Bugaboo? No, thanks. Why not just leave $1,000 in an envelope that reads "take me and buy yourself something new".

I always thought there should be some kind of lock for strollers, just like bicycles. Because if you love it and you leave it, you should lock it or you lose it, capiche?

Buggyguard is a great anti-theft stroller lock, and they just launched a new modern Deco collection that includes three chic styles--shiny black, orange clove, and white with a black heart (my favorite). These locks were designed with convenience and theft deterrence in mind. In fact, the 2.4mm cable offers a larger diameter than most laptop based lock cables.


It's ready to use anytime you need to park your child's stroller at zoos, parks, restaurants, theme parks and more. Not only do these new chic locks match beautifully with contemporary strollers, they also come with a customized bracket to fit on the cross bar of any stroller. The retracting four-foot long cable means you can lock your stroller to pretty much anything--a park fence, to itself, to another buggy. You can even lock your personal belongings like a big diaper bag or purse to it.

Another bonus: these new Deco designs are so universal that you can use one of their locks for your gym locker or your bike. Also of note are their new B-Hooks (seen above). Shaped like...wait for it...a B, these simple three-number combination locks come in black, pink or white and are great for locking up your personal things, from purses to golf bags (I think this is a Father's Day hint). So now what's yours remains yours.

The Deco buggyguard retails for $19.99 and the B-Hooks are $11.95. Both are available at and Babies R Us stores.

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