BubbleBum: The Blow-Up Booster

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While I value the safety they provide, car seats are one of the things I'm definitely looking forward to getting rid of as the kids get older. From switching them between cars to trying to figure out playdate and carpooling, car seats can make things a bit tricky. But then I recently had the chance to test out BubbleBum, a portable, foldable, lightweight, inflatable booster seat for kids ages 4-11 (between 40-80 lbs.) that I found to be pure genius. Here's why you'll love it, too.

Portable. BubbleBum packs down into a tiny stuff-sack. Whether you need to fit it in your suitcase when you fly to grandma's house or need to slip it in your child's backpack for when the neighbor picks him up from school, the BubbleBum packs down small.

Quick and easy installation. BubbleBum takes about 30 seconds to inflate with a few puffs of air. Thread the seat belt through the two-belt positioners and click into place. Done! (The BubbleBum also comes with a shoulder belt positioning clip if needed for correct positioning.)

Safe. BubbleBum meets ALL U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (in addition to being approved by European standards too). Check out their website for lots of safety details.


Versatile. Carpooling. Taxis. Road trips. Vacations. Every day. The BubbleBum can be used in a variety of situations and up until your child is 11 years old!

Comfortable. The BubbleBum provides a soft cushion of air for your child to sit on and doesn't slide around. My five-year-old prefers it to his traditional hard plastic booster.

Affordable. BubbleBum retails for only $39.99!


Whether you are a family that travels a lot, a grandparent who needs to keep a booster on hand or just a parent tired of lugging around a plastic monstrosity, BubbleBum may be you new favorite piece of gear. Visit www.bubblebum.us to learn more and to order.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive a sample from BubbleBum to review.

Kate Bayless is a writer, editor, gear guru and still giggles when saying "BubbleBum."
You can visit her at www.katebayless.com and @katebayless.

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