BRELLI Umbrella Review

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What better way to test a new '??wind resistant'? umbrella than a hurricane, right?

Armed with my gorgeous new BRELLI umbrella, I hit the streets during Hurricane Sandy. (Read: Armed with my gorgeous new BRELLI umbrella, I tentatively stepped outside into my backyard, took three steps outside in the sideways rain, watched the huge tree across the yard sway under the stress of 50mph winds, and I ran inside like a scared bunny rabbit.) Experiment over.

Since the BRELLI is only supposed to withstand 40mph winds, I was pushing it. But what they can take is quite impressive since most days see a five to 10mph breeze and are called '??gusty.'? And BRELLI isn't full of hot air. They really do stay put when other umbrellas fold like card tables.

What blows me away more is the style and chicness of something so...useful. I fell in love the moment I saw one. They'??re a combination of a dainty Japanese parasol and a rough-and-tumble umbrella.

Let's tackle the pretty first. They have lovely sustainable and renewable bamboo handles and skeletons that are hand-carved in Thailand, while the biodegradable PVC canopy is made in the good ole USA. Clear is the most popular choice, but there'??s also pink and gray. My favorite is the black and white print, dainty swirls throughout the clear plastic that give it a special twist. Their Bling collection has actual Swarovski crystals, kinda a bit too much IMO. But if you feel that you need more on your clear one, try your hand with the BRELLImarkers specifically made for doodling.

Now on to the business side of this umbrella. I've already mentioned the wind phenom, but they also provide superior protection from the rain and sun, blocking 99% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays. It comes with a custom carrying case for easy handling with style.

What'??s your weather permitting '?? they come in a tote-sized brief, x-small, small, medium and a large 52-inch monstrosity.

While you'??re splashing around in puddles, they designed BRELLI for a lighter footprint.They'??re actually the world'??s first and only 100% biodegrade in landfill environments. A discarded BRELLI will completely biodegrade in less than five years just like the twigs and leaves swirling around in a windstorm.

The next time it rains, you can blame me. I've been doing a rain dance ever since I got my BRELLI. My bad.

BRELLI are available for between $66-$115 from

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines.'?¨

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