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Breastfeeding Accessories by Simplisse

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Breastfeeding the second time around is completely different. There are challenges to giving my older daughter enough attention, while also giving my baby enough time to nurse. While enduring this juggling act, I also want my baby to be comfortable and since a lot has changed since my older daughter was born I was excited to test out some of the latest accessories for breastfeeding by Simplisse.

The products are created by a team of lactation consultants and moms to make expressing breast milk more comfortable as well make it easier and efficient to collect breast milk. Those goals were achieved through the development of the Simplisse Breast Pump. They later developed accessories to support breastfeeding and nursing like their innovative breast pads, storage bags and a breastfeeding pillow.

Disposable Breast Pads. One of the interesting things I quickly learned about breastfeeding is that breasts leak a lot when you nurse. I always use nursing pads during breastfeeding cause leaking is pretty embarrassing - not to mention dried milk can look unattractive on clothing. These disposable and chemical-free pads are not only cute (see flower design), they are also super functional and offer 3 layers of protection that are breathable, water-resistant and made of cotton. I really loved that these pads were really thin, while also being absorbent and soft. Being used to pads that required tape, it was refreshing that these pads contoured to my body and didn't fall out.


Breastmilk Storage Bags. Since my baby was about 3 months I have been using a sitter so that I could get some work done during the day. When I am away, I usually have a combination of formula and breast milk and to store my milk I have been using these thick and zipper sealed bags. Designed to protect milk, these bags stand upright thanks to its gusseted bottom. The bags are also pre-sterilized - so no washing is required - and they can be easily opened as I transferred milk from a bottle to the bags. Holding up to 6oz of milk, I often placed the bags in the freezer, which I thawed by placing them in the fridge or under cool water. A one-time use bag they were ideal for storage and easy transport that never made a mess in my bag.

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Lanolin-Free Nipple Cream. Breastfeeding and sore nipples are never far behind. For my first daughter, I used cream and vitamin E oil. Some creams on the market contain lanolin, a fatty substance that comes from the wool of sheep. Some people are sensitive and allergic to it and it can irritate the skin. This formula by Simplisse contains aloe, leaf juice, seed oil and almond and it is designed to nourish the skin as heals cracked and sore nipples. The application was also very simple. I used it about twice a day and I loved how it wasn't sticky. Thanks to this all natural and paraben free formula, it was also safe for me and my baby.

nipple cream

Gia Angled Breastfeeding Pillow and Cover. I was really excited to test out this angled nursing pillow that the company stated "may help digestion and reduce reflux and other feeding problems." I didn't really have problems with feeding but my baby often has an upset stomach and spits up a lot. While nursing she was able to comfortably rest her head on the wide pillow and comfortably rested as she drank her milk. This incline (I believe) also helped her to fall fast asleep as she rested her neck, back and legs. The pillow is also really easy to clean and didn't lose its shape after numerous machine washes. I also loved that this pillow is designed to grow with my baby and contort to her various sitting and nursing positions. I also covered the pillow with the Gia by Simplisse Pillow Covers that featured a cute pink floral quilted design that slipped on easily (there are no zippers), which made it very easy to wipe and clean.


The company also sells Breast milk Collection Bottles, Nipple Wipes, HydroGel Soothing Pads, Sterilizer Bags, Nipple Shield, Breast Shells and a Breast milk Storage Tray.

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